Vital statistics
Powers Ice Manipulation
Alias Zane
Age 14
Species Iciclus
Affiliation Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 5'
Weight 145 pounds
Occupation Student
Base of Operations Iciclus

Zane is an Iciclus born hero who has the ability to generate and manipulate Ice.

Appearance Edit

Zane is short, with turquoise eyes and short, spiked, white hair, which tends to draw attention in Soloris. He wears a form fitting snow jacket with blue streaks  with a green sash around his shoulders, held together by a round, snowflake shaped clip. The sash holds his sword's sheath in place on his back and is tied to it at either end. He also wears the uniform of Utopia High School. When Zane was a child on Iciclus, his hair was not as spiky, with only a few spikes here and there. 18 months following Lucius' defeat, shortly after M-Strike gains his mainstream powers, Zane appears sporting a hairstyle similar to that before he came to Soloris, and turquoise streaks instead of blue on his jacket. His green sash has also changed to a thin chain, but still retains the snowflake clip.

After training for an unspecified amount of time in preparation to fight the Capellos hair appears to have grown longer and his fringe now reaching down to his eyes . He also appears lankier than before, with his jacket loosely hanging off of his body.

Personality Edit

Zane is generally mature and serious, in contrast to his free-spirited sister Zoey. Despite their personality differences, he and Zoey seem very close. Zane is shown to be easily annoyed by others goofing off or drawing unneeded attention to themselves. Zane dislikes summer and warm weather in general. Zane's favorite foods are watermelon and snow-cones. During his childhood in Western Iciclus, he was so skilled with playing marbles, that he became the local undefeated champion. Zane is usually joked about by many of the other students as well as by his enemies because of his height. Zane has developed a cold attitude toward most people; he tolerates these jokes and goes on with his duties. Although he has shown anger towards jokes, he doesn't take action against whomever insulted him unless they are his enemies.

Backstory Edit

Zane comes from the 1st District of Western Iciclus.There, he lived with his grandmother and his sister. As a young child, Zane was a bit of a brat who liked to eat watermelons and play marbles. Even at a young, untrained age, Zane could manipulate ice during the night when it was cooler. Despite this, he never told anyone but his sister and couldn't accurately determine what was happening other than to assume it was an ever recurring dream.

When Zoey left to become engaged to a Northern Iciclus, he portrayed himself as happy to see her go, though it was more of an act than his true feelings. Her next door friends were scared of him, even though he had never done anything to them. His grandmother, "Granny," and Zoey were the only ones in the district that weren't afraid of him. His personality was supposedly "cold as ice" or at least thought to be, and he often wondered if it was due to his appearance or attitude. When Zoey had been in the North for 5 years, he began to notice how he hadn't grown an inch. He noticed that Zoey's hair grew longer and she visited less often, seemingly having a goal in her life now. He also noticed that "Granny" was getting weaker.

While out at the market one day a shopkeeper, whom he was buying items from, was treating him disdainfully. He then meets a much older Zoey, who yells at the shop keeper for being rude to Zane and reproached him for his poor customer skills.

Later that night, Zane has a vivid dream of a world where he can freeze everything by simply touching it.This dream is markedly different from the previous ones, where he had only experienced sensations and he was alone, but nothing substantial to what the meaning might be. He then wakes up in a cold sweat. Upon waking up, he sees Zoey and is surprised to see her in his room. She immediately tells him to stop freezing the air, assuming he was doing it on purpose, and to get some sleep. She further explains that their grandmother looks pretty cold, which causes Zane to notice for the first time that the room is exceedingly cold and affecting his grandmother.

Zoey then tells him he should come to North Iciclus, stating that kids with power as strong as his need to learn how to bring their power under control. She explains that if he stays the way he is, his power will end up killing their grandmother.

Soon after, he tells his grandmother of his intentions of going North. Much to his surprise, she is happy for him. She tells him that she had always felt that he holds everything in because he didn't want to leave her, but doing so was only hurting him and in turn, seeing him that way, hurt her. Zane then leaves to follow his own path with his grandmother's blessing.

With his natural talent, he quickly entered the North Iciclus Academy and graduated early despite his age.

Plot Edit


Zane first appears during the emergency meeting called by Grant Connors. However, he states that as usual old men are engaging in their pointless arguments in response to the constant bickering between his fellow student heroes.

Zane's sharp sense of intuition and keen sense of observation, which he claims is developed from years of practice as a marble champ, leads him to suspect that the meeting was called because of Matthew Rodrigues developing powers before even being told.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Child Prodigy: Perhaps the most astonishing trait of Zane is his intellect and natural talent, as shown from him entering the The North Iciclus Academy on his first try despite his young age, graduating from the academy in a single year with the highest written and performance scores in each of his classes, joining the Court Guards shortly afterwards, and then becoming the youngest Iciclus to ever reach the rank of captain. In terms of intellect, Zane is equally impressive. Grant Connors, one of the strongest heroes in history, states that because he is a genius, within 20 years, Zane could surpass him.

  • Expert Strategist & Tactician: Despite his age, Zane has repeatedly shown great instinct and intuition in battle. He is generally aware of everything in his presence, and is also able to see through most deceptions. He is also a keen analyst, able to deduce the basic mechanics behind an opponent's attacks, and quickly figuring out its strength and weakness to better counter it.  As a captain, he was a capable leader. He is given missions from General Kodiak to lead teams into planet Dover many times to deal with threats. In battle, he has shown great instincts against incoming danger, as shown from his reaction to Canis' initial attack after releasing her full form.
  • Master Swordsman: Zane is masterful at swordsmanship, capable of utilizing his size to effectively counter and outmaneuver his opponents. His skill in swordsmanship is evident in the fact that he is the youngest North Iciclus captain; as swordsmanship is a necessary skill in their army. His skill in swordsmanship is great enough that he rarely uses even his powers in battle, of which he has shown great proficiency with.

Enhanced Endurance: Despite his young and lean appearance, has shown himself to be a resilient fighter. He survived the attacks of General while at 20 percent of his actual strength due to poisoning.

Trivia Edit

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