Woodsworth Middle School
Middle school
Vital statistics
Type School
Location Soloris
Inhabitants Humans

Woodsworth middle school is the school that Sai and the rest of HALO attend (excluding Yahweh).


  • Mr.Travis-Math
  • Ms.Astrid-English
  • Mr.Rohan-Science
  • Mr.Marvin-P.E.
  • Ms.Juniper-Music
  • Mr.Clay-Art


Drew  Edit

Sai is a guardian angel of Soloris and a diligent pupil.

Terri Edit

Terri is a free flowing mutant from Soloris and a proud member of the school. She's also class genius.

Arthur Edit

Arthur is a smooth, flirty kid who just recently moved to Soloris City. He's also class clown.

Nick Edit

Nick is a cool, athletic kid from Soloris. He's a total jock.


Dan is a nerdy kid and a big fan of Sai.

Buck Edit

A delinquent kid who frequently winds up in detention.

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