Veloster (Zak Kaz)
Veloster symbol
Vital statistics
Powers Super Speed

Air Manipulation

Alias Zak Kaz
Age 19 years old
Species Mutant
Affiliation Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 5' 11"
Weight 185 pounds
Occupation  ?
Base of Operations  ?

"Veloster" (Zak Kaz) is a main protagonist of Innovative Comics . He is also a star member of Awesome Inc along with Sai and M-Strike(but he usually works alone). His main power is super speed and he uses his abilities to find his missing parents.


Super SpeedEdit

Veloster was born with his powers because his father was subject to Acceleration Radiation. Along with his intense speed he can manipulate air into anything his imagination can think of including weapons or constructs(e.g: roads) which can be as hard as the real things. Because of this ability to manipulate air he creates a friction-proof, aerodynamic shield around his body once he passes the speed of sound, he does this so often that it happens by itself without him controlling it giving him a higher durability so that he wouldn't go splat when he crashes into a wall. He is the fastest living human but his grandfather would receive the award for the fasted man ever to live.

Aerokinesis Edit

Veloster has the ability to manipulate air into constructs. He rarely uses this as it puts a strain on his body and is unable to use his super speed within five minutes of using it. He is able to make the speed shield while running because it has become natural and does not put a large strain on his body. Veloster rations his powers especially when travelling long distances, instead of running through cities and over seas he prefers to make a weak air road and run at the speed of sound at most over the city/sea.


Veloster's main weakness is extreme temperatures under -100 degrees Celsius. He is also subject to extremely loud noises, of course if he is moving faster than the speed of sound then he in not susceptible to this weakness. He needs air to breath and to fuel his aerokinesis, so space is usually not an option.


Veloster creates all his weapons out of the air. Here are a few examples:

  • Air: Shurikens
  • Swords
  • Shields


Veloster has light brown hair and green eyes.His suit is made of a high density, anti-friction material. His suit is mostly orange with red parts on it.


Freezer Burn is his girlfriend, teammate and future wife. In the future he also has a son (Velocity) and daughter (Coldfront) who have powers of their own. In a future time his grandfather( Oscar Kaz ), the first veloster appears as he had traveled so quickly that it looked as if he had disappeared when he had really past through the time barrier where he turned right into the future at the intersection between past and future as present was backward and would need you to come to a complete stop in less than the time it takes for time to pass at all. He eventually begins working with his great grandson and great granddaughter to fight enemies and try to find a way back to his time.

Series Edit

Veloster is currently in a series being written by his creator entitled VELOSTER #1: the orange streak.

He also appears in the same writers annual the legends of O.P. which is still in the brainstorm stage.

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