Justice league: The Flashpoint Paradox Now let me just start by saying the flash is my favorite DC character even though the mivie didn't portray my favorite flash(Wally West), but instead my second favorite flash, Barry Allen.

The movie had a great storyline except it was a little dark, even for batman who also made an appearence in the movie(Thomas Wayne - Bruce Wayne's father) who became batman when in a different turn of events happened than what happens in barry allen's earth. Also it was a little gruesome especially in the last few scenes when prof. Zoom stabbed Barry through his leg with a piece of steel.

The movie had a few turn-offs and to me the number 1 turn-off was that he was g*y(missing letter - a) in the new world he travelled to.

Otherwise the movie was well put together and the characters were well thought out. So if you like these kind of movies you can watch them at various websites for free in pretty good quality. post a comment and I can tell u where to go to see it. And always remember, beware of advertisments

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