Ultress is the living embodiment of red and blue laser energy.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Ultress, being the living embodiment of red and blue laser energy she could not keep it contained forever and inevitably would have exploded. To avoid this her current boyfriend Ace Marvis created these escrimas which were meant to absorb the energy but instead the energy inside her created a compound around the escrimas which was never documented before and the energy flowed on seperate parts of her body so the escrimas in her right and left hands are red and blue laser energy respectively. She is unable to gain damage from direct hits of red or blue laser energy but if Zitanium is charged with any of these energies she will need to block the incoming projectile. She is also able to shoot the certain laser energy with the compounded escrimas (which are indestructible) giving her the ability to melt, freeze or cut almost anything. She can fly only if she has her escrimas in hand and can also be hurt by a compound of red and blue laser energy entitled purple energy compounds.

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