The Slums
Vital statistics
Type District
Location Soloris City
Inhabitants Solorian

The Slums are a particularly poor district in Soloris City, known for its crime. Also known as The Beetham.


The Beetham, known better by its occupants as The Slums, is a neighborhood in Soloris City that has been known to have a much higher rate of crime than the rest of the city. It is a down market area where many who cannot afford the apartments and penthouses of the main city live, the property prices of the Slums being lower due to the corruption.

The Slums was reputed as a lost cause that many Solorian residents believe not even HALO can do anything about. When she was a child, Johanna Lowe witnessed a local gang murder a group of kids playing basketball for no apparent reason. Because of this, she became a target of the gang, fearing she would tell the police of what she saw. 

Later, Mr.Tempest published a column about the incident, catching the attention of it's readers, who share the columnist's feelings. A local philanthropist goes out of his way to help Lowe's family relocate after she recovers, and offers her mother employment at his company. More officers from Solorian RPU have been assigned to patrol the neighborhood. Even The Guardian has been reported doing patrols of the Slums since then.

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