The mainstream is the source of M-Strikes powers along with a number of others. It resides in a dimension of its own.


The mainstream appears as green plasmatic energy with no set body or form. Brian Kendrick's negative mainstream is orange, Pi'Za-az' is red and Meghan Fedele's speed-stream is yellow.


The Mainstream has been described as the source of all plasma, and is located in a dimension that exists on another plane of reality. Regardless, it is the power source for M-Strike and other user plasma energy users. Grant Connors discovered that it is M-Strike himself who generates the mainstream in its separate dimension and then re-summons it to his dimension via his gem. After M-Strikes death, the Mainstream hasn't grown because he's the engine that generates the Plasmatic energy that makes up the Mainstream. After M-Strike loses his powers the Mainstream gain many splits in it Space-Time fabric and someone of the past, present and future was able to tap into it. It is a positively charged energy and Brian Kendrick 's Negative Mainstream power is the negative, opposite charge.

Characters associated with The MainstreamEdit

  • M-Strike : Original user of the Mainstream, Matthew had the ability to with his own energy sense or 'see' other sources of plasma energy originally discovering it from sensing the energy of his family's television set. Many years later he developed powers to genrate and manipulate plasma energy.
  • Speed-Stream : Meghan Fedele , Matthew's girlfriend was present during  the time when Matthew regained his powers and connection to the mainstream and gained one of her own in which she summons energy directly from the mainstream she created (dubbed the Speed-Stream) , rather than generate it herself, to move at speeds other wise impossible to move at. While she originally she couldn't move at normal speeds, she eventually learned to control her speed.
  • Brian Kendrick : Brian Kendrick is the Great-Great-Great-Grandson of M-Strike from the 26th century. Who tokk the family heirloom (the gem) absorbed the plasmatic energy that had built up in it over six hundred years and used it to created a negative mainstream stored in the pendant.
  • Pi' Za-az'  :
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