The Jean Sanatorium
Vital statistics
Type Asylum
Location 20 miles off the coast of Ray City
Inhabitants Inmates

Employees Guards

The Jean Sanatorium is a small separate island that houses the insane inmates and psychopaths of Soloris. It is 20 miles off the coast of Ray City. It was named after Missy Jean the daughter of Limber and Toil. And it was founded by a former lover, Anthony Severus. Its current head is Jonn Severus, his brother. The Sanatorium does not have a good record, at least with regard to the high profile cases; escapes are frequent, and those who are 'cured' and released tend to re-offend. Years ago, the Sanatorium suffered massive structural damage when the criminal Gear  orchestrated a large-scale break-out, setting dozens of patients free. 


Jonn Severus installed the most state-of-the-art security measures when he took control of the sanatorium. Video recorders were installed in every room and a corridor with two guards stationed on every level twenty-four hours a day to discourage bribery. All exterior windows at The Sanatorium were installed with heat detectors and microwave motion detectors. Magnetic foils in the walls were used to block radio waves from penetrating locked cells. Although security protocols were highly efficient, they were not foolproof. Within weeks of the renovations both Victor Starr  and Sai  succeeded in breaking out of the asylum. Additionally, Proteus  even succeeded in breaking into the Sanatorium.

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