Vital statistics
Powers Gadgetry
Alias Terri Wilson
Age 13
Species Solorian
Affiliation Heroes
Physical attributes
Height 4'10"
Weight 85 pounds
Occupation Student
Base of Operations Soloris

Terri Wilson is one of the original three members of HALO. She uses a specially equiped wings that are controlled by thought and a variety of gadgets which she uses to fight evil and protect the streets of Soloris City . Her father is the CEO of Wilson Industries .



Techna possess an array of miscellaneous items, equipment related to hero work: weapons, protections, tools, devices, potions, relics and various items of power. They usually hold special properties allowing Techna to successfully face various situations, and she is able to overcome virtually any challenge by combining the appropriate items to her own skills.


Advanced Athleticism

The power to perform acrobatic and gymnastic feats beyond training.

Advanced CombatEdit

She is able to become unbelievably skilled in stealth and ninjutsu. She is exceptionally proficient in the fighting traditions of a variety of cultures and become advanced with their own individual methods of close quarter combat, including martial arts. She can also become superhumanly skilled in their use of weaponry. 

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