Straight Shot
Vital statistics
Powers Enhanced Marksmanship
Alias Israel Yen
Age 13
Species Solorian
Affiliation Team DT
Physical attributes
Height 5'
Weight 98 pounds
Occupation Student
Base of Operations Kasai City

Straight Shot is a member of Team DT and a hero who resides in Kasai City.


Enhanced MarksmanshipEdit

The activity in his brain center for aim, accuracy and precision is drastically improved due to his heritage as a Capello. He needs only to aim for an instant before he can precisely hit a target with an arrow or a blow.

He can even judge extremely long and great distances amazingly accurately, so he can gauge the strength needed to launch the arrow, in order to hit a target accurately.

Can also be resistant to perception-distorting abilities such as Illumination Emission. If a target is moving he can calculate the best method to hit the target. Visual obstructions like smoke and vegetation to not hinder his ability to get an accurate bead on his target, and his intense focus on whatever he is shooting at allows him to shut out outside distractions.

He is also able to compensate for environmental factors that would normally throw off their aim like wind, air resistance, gravity, and radiant heat (which distorts the image of the target). He does this by shifting his aim slightly, so that upon launching the chosen projectile, the environmental factors he calculated and compensated for will direct the projectile back onto its intended target.

Peak Human AgilityEdit

His agility is of a superior standard, even among gold-medal-winning athletes and other highly trained professionals in the field of athletics. He is able to climb the highest of buildings with no form of support and navigate any variety of obstacle courses with apparent ease and grace. Furthermore, he is capable of jumping up to 3 ft in a single bound and 2 feet without a starting run-up.

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