Star Gang
Base of Operations Soloris City, Soloris
Leader(s) Victor Starr
Members Gear


Enemies Wilson Industries


Type Organized Crime

The Star Gang are an underground, top-secret, covert organization directed by Victor Starr, the vampiric CEO of Starr Industries, to catch and detain all HALO International Members. Star Gang recruits soldiers as artificial mutant officers in four different divisions, capable of manipulating energy in four different ways.


The Star Gang was founded by the billionaire philantropist Victor Starr with the "official" goal of preventing the near destruction of a country by the small, yet significant, mutant populace by locking up and detaining them. The first members were MP-3, MP-4, Peter Dillion, Mark Harper, Gear and Gun.

Within the first year of service Star Gang had captured a dozen dormant mutants. Utilizing the research notes of Dr. Mark Harper the Star Gang began employing Artificial Mutants as field soldiers, recruiting from military service those who had tested positive for the Mutant gene, and initially considering a wide array of options, used Four Different Powers.


All Star Gang soldiers are capable of using powers which were imbued in them by the Government. Their rank is determined by the skill they possess with these abilities.



The Puppets are a light-armored soldier of the Star Gang. The Puppet, like most other soldiers, wears gray-black and red armor, and is equipped with body armor, a propulsion engine in the place of legs and a helmet with a scanner. There is also a video camera on the side of the helmet, allowing the Star Gang to monitor all of its troops activities. It is a robot.


These soldiers mainly rely on their Splinter Rifles but when forced into close quarters will use a blast of wood splinters. If put in a situation where they have no line-of-sight they will create wood grenades which explode on impact.



The Golem is a medium-armored unit of the Star Gang. They wear the signature red and gray-black colors of the Star Gang and are fully equipped with a helmet, body armor and leg guards. They possess a belt of Dust Bombs around their waists which are capable of stunning opponents but do not affect them due to their helmets doubling as oxygen masks.


These soldiers use their stone abilities to create large pillars to launch themselves into the air and travel large distances or create platforms on the side of buildings from which they can attack at a safe distance. The stone can also be used for offensive purposes in a similar manner to the Puppets, condensing the stone into a powerful explosive that fragments on impact or blasting it out in a short range burst from their hands. After jumping, they can use a drop attack. These soldiers are most frequently armed with Assault Rifles but occasionally wield rocket launchers or Sniper Rifles, making them dangerous due to their high mobility and hit and run tactics.



The Star Gang Cyborg is easily identified by the large mass of metal fragments which shields them from damage. Due to their shielding ability they are the most lightly armored soldiers, wearing what appears to be a long coat and a normal pair of pants, both of which are colored in the Star Gang's signature red and black.


These enemies are capable of encasing an opponent in metal. They are also capable of creating a shield of shifting metal fragments in front of one of their allies which causes all attacks to bounce off and is only broken when it stops channeling it. These enemies are permanently surrounded by a barrier of metal fragments which when broken leaves them vulnerable until they can re-assemble it. If Delsin is distracted by the allies of this enemy they may take advantage of it by appearing near him and channeling a long lasting and heavily damaging barrage of metal spears. As they mainly use their powers for support they are the only Star Gang soldiers not to be armed with Assault Rifles or other heavy weaponry, instead when forced to fight alone they will rely on a single pistol.



These soldiers are almost inhuman in their titanic appearance as they are encased from head to toe in lava armor with not the tiniest amount of flesh or clothing visible. The main areas where the armor is strongest include a heavily fortified torso, large pauldrons, a thick helmet and a large area jutting out around the head which acts as a neck guard.


This enemy type is the only one not to possess a firearm of any kind as they instead rely solely on their Mutant abilities. They are incredibly mobile for their size, being able to scale most buildings a single jump, a move which is often ended by them slamming into the ground with enough force to send their foes flying. They often try to force close quarters combat as they often charge toward their opponent only to unleash a devastating hail of lava to force them to the ground. However when their opponents manage to get some distance from them they are no less dangerous, being capable of firing large lava disks.


APC (Armored Personnel Carrier)Edit

The Star Gang use these armored vehicles for transportation to their victims and will be on the look out for any Mutants in the act of using their powers.


An attack helicopter will be sent out against any Mutant deemed by Starr as a threat.


  • The amount of funding the Star Gang gets from Victor is classified.
  • According to the audio logs left by Victor Starr, the Star Gang considered multiple powers to infuse into their troops. They wanted one that was "strong, easy to train, and versatile". So they chose Lava, Metal, Stone and Wood.
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