Vital statistics
Powers Cloning
Alias Ron Sherbert
Age 24
Species Mutant
Affiliation The League
Physical attributes
Height 6'2"
Weight 203 pounds
Occupation Thief
Base of Operations Soloris City

Split is a mutant/metahuman with the ability to shapeshift. Shift is his wife.


Split can instantly and perfectly replicate themselves and/or targets which can be objects or living beings, numerous times. He has the ability to remove their copies as quickly as they were made. Biological properties are exactly the same, however, each copy will have different experiences and may gain independent personalities over time. Copies always cooperate because they posses the same minds and goals. Split also has the exclusive ability to clone other people.

  • Demi-cellular Division: This form of replication results in the affected subject "splitting", much like a cell, into physical organic clones indefinitely depending on available resources. This form generally causes all clones to lack a autonomous intelligence, instead being a unit in a collective "hivemind", each clone being just one "cell" of a unified consciousness. This form benefits because if the Split dies, a clone can take his place as the central point of the hivemind making the him technically immortal as long as there is sufficient copies to take their place. If a clone is separated from the the hivemind then it can work with the autonomy and intelligence of an average human, acting as just a simple clone. This form of replications downsides dwell in the fact that the clones only possess the strength of the original and thus is only effective on a large scale (ex. army size), and the clones, being solid organic matter, cannot be made to just vanished, but can only be made to be reabsorbed.


  • May require close proximity to the user.
  • There may be limit to the number of replicates user can have at a time.
  • Pain or struggle could cause copies to become distressed as well. 
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