The Speed Society
Base of Operations Comet 318
Leader(s) Zoom The Ancient
Members Unknown
Enemies Electric, sound and water societies
 The Speed Society is a society based on the Comet 318. Members of the group can travel past the speed of light, with few limitations and can turn and handle while flying with ease. They are allies with the Air and Light Societies and are part of the Intergalactic Alliance Organisation (IAO). All of these societies use power gauntlets.

Power GauntletsEdit

  • Force-Field: The gauntlet can create friction proof force-fields of various sizes to protect the wearer and one other person, to stay aerodynamic.  
  • High Speeds: By the manipulation of friction and directed molecular movement, the gauntlet allows the user to run or fly at incredible speeds.
  • Galactic Encyclopedia: Having the vast knowledge of the encyclopedia to draw upon, each gauntlet functions as a ready reference on most peoples, stellar events and conditions.
  • How a person is able to wield them: In every species of every known solar system there is at least one person who has a special cell in them. This cell is known as the speed cell which may be small but can provide infinite power to the gauntlets depending on the wearer's mental stamina because the gauntlets work with the brain and at high speeds, when a person cannot think as fast as they are moving it drains the power and puts a mental strain on the brain for the gauntlets to let the wearer see clearly at high speeds.
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