Vital statistics
Powers Red laser Vision


Alias Daniel Lenns
Age 11
Species Mutant
Affiliation Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 4' 8"
Weight 85 pounds
Occupation Student
Base of Operations Soloris

Daniel Lenns (alias Specatacle) is an amateur hero in Soloris. His main power is Red laser vision.


Red Laser EnergyEdit

Daniel can fire off lasers from his eyes which can cause destructive damage on their intended targets.


Daniel Lenns is an amateur hero who resides in Soloris City. He is known to be one of the most powerful heroes on the planet but he is still learning. Though he frequently hangs out with Sellerate, another amateur he prefers to be alone. Born a mutant, he had no formal training with his powers and thought he needed none until he landed his brother in the hospital when he was ten. Saddened by this, he ran away from home, not wanting to be a burden, and stole his father's Hover. He found himself in Shadehaven where he met Nightwatcher. Nightwatcher at first wanted nothing to do with the amateur mutant and told him to go home. At that remark Daniel, who Nightwatcher late dubbed Spectacle, blasted the vigilante off a building. His eyes reddened with rage, Daniel let loose all he had and if not for Nightwatcher's speed and agility, the vigilante would not be alive today. Spectacle and Nightwatcher fought for a while until Nightmare interviened and stopped the fighting. Nightmare sent Spectacle home in a monorail and left the scene. Spectacle was returned home to his parents who were worried and had called the police. Spectacle was originally sent off to space school but he escaped and persuaded his parents to let him go to Woodsworth Middle School. After many warnings and punishments he was allowed to go and he met Drew Hunter who was helping out amateurs all around the school, including Kia. Dan developed a major crush on the girl but never showed it.

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