Soul Zombie
Vital statistics
Powers Flight

Dark Magic Soul Theft

Alias N/A
Age Unknown
Species Soul-Lust
Affiliation Madam Toil
Physical attributes
Height 4 feet tall

5 feet long 2 feet wide

Weight 67 pounds
Occupation Demon
Base of Operations Hell

The Soul-Lust is a race of dark magic creatures known for their ferocity and violence, as well as their ability to suck the souls out of people, instantly killing them or turning them into mindless zombies of glowing purple eyes. 



The ability to fly by propelling itself into the air via wings.

Dark MagicEdit

Soul-Lusts and SoulZombies can utilize the Dark Art: a form of magic typically used for selfish, self-serving and/or nefarious purposes. 

Soul SnatchingEdit

Soul-Lusts and SoulZombies are capable of stealing and consuming the souls of others, often adding the victim's skills and abilities to their own. Soul-Lusts and Zombies can also use the souls absorbed to augment their own powers.

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