Solorian Woods
Solorian Woods
Vital statistics
Type District
Location Soloris
Inhabitants Mythobeasts

Mammalia Dinosaurs

Also known as Soloris Forest, the Solorian Woods are at the outskirts of the city and are home to many diverse dinosaurs, mammalia and mythobeasts. It is also home of Madam Toil.


When the Solorian Woods was first a grassland, the Brachiosaurs roamed them searching for food and there were small villages dotted around. Solorians rode around on Sauri and were on constant lookout for food. After hundreds of years, the woods grew to be the majestic forest it is today nad the Solorians left their Sauri, losing touch with them. There are myths circulating that there are still many villages left and the villagers have not lost touch with the art of Sauri Saddling. 

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