Known TeamsEdit

  • Ray Wolves
  • Sol Stars
  • Shadehaven Kickers
  • Crescent Howlers
  • POCODI Cosmonauts
  • Vesper Xplorers
  • Iciclus Snowflakes


The game was invented by Professor Don in the 1970s, but he was only able to create the concept of the game. After several failed attempts, Don finally built it and it worked. Soon he built a Soccer 0.9.0 stadium and held the first match inside it. It was funded by Wilson Industries.


Soccer 0.9.0 is played in a special stadium that allows the players to climb up the walls and the center column. Goals hover in the middle of the stadium, allowing players to score from all directions. If the ball hits the paddles inside the goal, the goal is considered scored.

The game is 90 minutes long, the same as a regular soccer game.

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