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Vital statistics
Type City
Location Soloris
Inhabitants Human

Mutant Alien

I hate Shadehaven. It's like someone built hell out of metal and stone. -Drew Hunter

Shadehaven is the home of Nightwatcher and Nightmare .


19th CenturyEdit

During the latter half of the 18th century and the early half of the 19th century, Shadehaven was a major port city known as Soloris III.

In 1830, Soloris III underwent a major urban planning initiated by Bruce Hunter (1798-1856), Drew Hunter's fourth great grandfather, and laid the foundation of Shadehaven. 

In 1854, the legend of the Skreel was born when Havenian Timotheus Gold, through varying accounts, came to his death in Death Swamp that led to his transformation into the undead being who would emerge to the public fifty years later.

20th CenturyEdit

By the 1930s, crime and corruption had reached a significant height in Shadehaven in which it became immortally characterized as a dark foreboding metropolis.

Crime in Shadehaven would continue to proliferate in the later half of the century.


'Haven later fell into a massive gang war between many of the city's major criminal groups. The end results allowed the crime lord Vladmir Starr to single-handedly rule over the city's organized crime until his death at the hands of Lynx.

Points of InterestEdit

Public locationsEdit

  • Shadehaven Spaceport
  • Shadehaven International Teleport Station
  • Shadehaven Hospital
  • Shadehaven Robotic Police Unit
  • Shadehaven Library of Knowledge
  • Shadehaven Park


  • Shadehaven Chemicals
  • Starr Technologies
  • Starr Theatre


  • Shadehaven News Network (SHNN)
  • Shadehaven Crime Watch (SHCW)



  • Nightwatcher
  • Nightmare
  • Archangel II
  • Archangel III
  • Scythe


  • Iris The Dreamer
  • Doc Stratos
  • Monstor
  • Skreel
  • John Kirk
  • Gem
  • Aiden Starr
  • Vladmir Starr
  • Lynx

Sports TeamsEdit

Soccer 0.9.0Edit

  • Shadehaven Kickers
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