The Seventh Dimension is a mysterious world that is led by the Mysterious King of the Seventh Dimension and his troops, the Seventh Dimension War Lords. 

Accessing The Seventh Dimension Edit

The Seventh Dimesion exists separately from the First Dimension and can only be accessed via The Wormhole or by portals. 

Those from the first dimension can only enter and leave by unlocking the World Gateway and using a Wormhole.

Intruders can pass through the wormhole in the same manner, but only while properly armored otherwise the atmosphere and time shift in the seventh dimension will kill them.

To travel from the sevnth dimension to the first dimension, it is not necessary to unlock the World Gateway to enter the wormhole as portals periodically  appear in random places and the inhabitants of Vassal level or higher can open them at will.


Peasants Edit

Mostly good with little to eat and are poorly ruled over. They make up most of the population of The seventh dimension.

War Lords Edit

They instill fear and keep up the law in the Seventh Dimension

Vassals Edit

They hail from other lands and dimensions far and near and act as ambassadors for their land.


Various former inhabitants of the seventh dimension who have unlocked their true powers by unnatural means. They do not work for the King. But rather for Lucius Maxwell to aid him in his goal to become the next king of the seventh dimension.

Chieftains Edit

They rule the small villages and must answer to the king.

The King Edit

A man shrouded by mystery.

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