Nick CabinEdit

Nick is Drew's best friend and after God spoke to Sai about forming HALO, Sai asked if Nick could be granted abilities also. Though Nick at first resented being different, Drew trained him and they became the founding members of HALO.

Matthew ThatcherEdit

Matthew and Drew met in-suit on a mission on Iciclus and hit it off ever since.

Jay ZaniEdit

Jay Zani met Drew on a social network and they became penpals seeing as they lived so far away. When they first met in person, they were in costume and didn't know that they were really penpals. They eventually figured it out after he and Sai started talking about friends, seven months after they met in person.

Arthur JohnsonEdit

Arthur and Drew went to school together but remained acquaintances until it was revealed that Arthur was really a Ma'rz born Solorian. They became 'fast friends' and worked together on several assignments. Sellerate later joined HALO.

Gabe JohnsonEdit

Jen CabinEdit

Mike MarvisEdit

Nathaniel OrwellEdit

Terri WilsonEdit

Contrary to popular belief, Drew has no romantic feelings toward his friend and team mate Terri. They are great friends and help each other in need.


Michelle TrulyEdit

Sara ArtemisEdit

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