Proteus: Why'd you call us at 5am again?

Aeria:Yeah, I need my rest! I took out a whole gang of thieves last week.

Archangel:If you need your rest you could come to my pla-

You:(glares at Archangel)

Archangel:(rolls eyes)

You:Okay guys we need a plan. The Destiny Sword has been stolen, the sword that Kia awardeds me with for saving her home town.

Archangel:You mean what she gave us!

You:Yeah, yeah whatever, the point is, it has the power to cut through Zitanium! Put in the wrong hands and Ace would be ruined!

Proteus: Who's Ace? 

You: Armored Arsenal...

Proteus: Oh, yeah!

Aeria: Okay guys, I've got a plan. Arch, you call Zero to see if he can help-

Archangel: Are you kidding me? Zero is extremely greedy, if he finds it he's want to keep it!

Aeria: That's why you have to watch him like a hawk...Nick, I mean, Proteus, you fly around and see if you can find that gowy little creep-

Proteus: But the city's huge, how will I find him?

Aeria: Duh, becase thanks to me, I've found that this guy has to be NRG, the electric mutant...

Proteus: Proof?

Aeria: There's been a power surge, he's a glowy creep, he burnt the curtains and he left a strand of golden hair in Sai's closet.

Proteus: Oh.

Aeria: And Sai, I need you to help Pro use the tracker I gave you, so you guys can find him easily.

You: All right team! Let's go!

What next? Do you 

A.Go and chill in Ray City...

B.Take the tracker and go with Proteus...

C.Go to the training room (seperate wiki, seperate mission)

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