Ray City
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Vital statistics
Type City
Location Soloris
Inhabitants Human

Ray City is a city that is home to Cyber. It is a small populated city with its own sights and wonders.


Ray City was founded in the 20th century and is a center of learning and technology. 

Ray City is one of the smallest and most moden cities in Soloris.

The history of Ray City stretches back to the year 1425 when the first settlement was established by Solorian Jeremiah Rodrigues. The settlement was named Rodrigues Village . Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, Rodrigues Village prospered as a thriving seaport and it became an intergalactic strategic location for the POCODI during the Andromedian War. 

During the "The Dimensional Winter Siege", the city was defended from The King's War Lords through the help of Grant Connors and Spencer Smithon's Pillar Shield

In 1905 Winston Verne, a renowned inventor and scientist,began a trend of scientific prowess which culminated in the city changing its name to "Ray City". This name change propelled the city towards its current position as the City of  the Next Millenium.

Points of InterestEdit

Parks and Recreational areasEdit

  • Sunshine Park
  • Sunshine Mall
  • Sunny Waterpark
  • Ray Beach


  • Lunar Tech
  • Mocha-Java


  • Ray City Museum of Art
  • Cybertronics Museum


Sports TeamsEdit

  • Ray Wolves (Soccer 0.9.0)


News, television and radio

  • Vega Communications
  • Good Morning Sunshine!
  • Lexicon Daily
  • Ray Daily News
  • Ray Today
  • RCE-TV



The following is a list of super-heroes known to have either lived and/or operated out of Ray City at some point in their lives. 

The VillainsEdit

The following is a list of super-villains known to have either lived and/or operated out of Ray City at some point in their lives.

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