Peter. A. Xavier
Vital statistics
Powers PAX 21

Super Strength

Alias None
Age 24
Species Human
Affiliation Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 7' (after PAX)

2' 4" (Before PAX)

Weight 265 pounds
Occupation Proffesional Criminal
Base of Operations Soloris

Peter is a gangster who resides and robs Soloris. When he saw the power of PAX 21 he knew he had to use it as he was always jeered for his height.


Peter was just an ordinary 20 year old when he first discovered the power of PAX. Doctor Harper showed him how tall and powerful he could be and Peter was eager to try it. He is now completely hooked onto it. He is extremely poor so he robs banks to and fro. He started his own gang of victims to assist him in his main goal to monopolize all of Soloris.

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