Oscar Kaz was the first veloster and the grandfather of the current Veloster (Zac Kaz).

Backstory Edit

Oscar was an ordinary photographer who specialized in light reflection and refraction pictures(using light from different perspectives to give one thing a different look and tone. He started a side job as a photographer for a newspaper when one day he was called in urgently as a science lab had a cracked line of different radiations which they were using in experiments of radiation mixing to better help the defense of the nation by creating faster or stronger soldiers. He took many pictures but he accidentally got too close to the main crack in the pipe which was used for experimenting with speed radiation, when a klutzy cleaner activated this pipe which made the radiation burst out of the pipe into poor Oscar's body. Oscar was taken to a hospital where he was placed under protective care and was tied down because he kept vibrating and breaking their normal benches. He soon realized that he had the ability to vibrate his body at superhuman speeds at will. He eventually found himself vibrating the bands which were holding him so fast that they started to burn, then a nurse came in and was killed in cold blood along with the rest of occupants and staff who knew of him and his powers. The man behind this was the infamous Shot boy who was hired by a mysterious man in a dark blue armored futuristic suit. Oscar then escaped and decided to honor those helpless people who were kill by shot boy by hunting him down and putting him behind bars which he successfully did all while wearing a blue hoodie and shades. he eventually made a suit that was resistant to friction with the help of his friend(who eventually dies) John Marvis, the grandfather of Ace Marvis a.k.a. Armored arsenal. He picked his name and was then officially known as Veloster.

Powers Edit

Oscar Kaz has the ability to move himself at superhuman speeds which reach the speed of time and even faster still. he has rapid healing and regeneration along with fast reflexes and thinking. He can also vibrate himself so fast that he can create fires in thin air because the friction of his particles in the air burns them, this is also because he emits non harmful speed radiation whenever he runs which burns the air around it.

Family Edit

He is the husband of Molly kaz and the father of Richard Kaz and his sister Lily Kaz. He is the grandfather of the current Veloster and Sound and the great grandfather of Veloster's future kids Velocity and Coldfront.

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