Vital statistics
Powers Shadow Manipulation
Alias Nathaniel Orwell
Age 15
Species Solorian
Affiliation Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 4'11"
Weight 98 pounds
Occupation Student
Base of Operations Shadehaven

Nightwatcher is a vigilante who resides and fights in Shadehaven . His main power is Shadow Manipulation.


Shadow Manipulation

Nightwatcher can create, shape and manipulate darkness and shadows. By itself, darkness is mostly used to cloud everything into total darkness, but by accessing a dimension of dark energy it can be channeled to a variety of effects, both as an absence of light and a solid substance: he can also control and manipulate the beings that exist there, create and dispel shields and areas of total darkness, create constructs and weapons, teleport himself through massive distances via shadows, etc.



Nightmare and Nightwatcher have had a long-term rivalry due to them both fighting crime in the streets of Shadehaven and the other always getting in the way.

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