Vital statistics
Powers Minor Telekinesis
Alias Shaun Iris
Age 28
Species Human
Affiliation Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 5'11"
Weight 155 pounds
Occupation Vigilante
Base of Operations Shadehaven

Nightmare is the primary hero of Shadehaven and a very serious, secretive person. As well as the son of Iris the Dreamer.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

While Nightmare has no super powers he makes up for it with his near superhuman abilities.

  • Peak Human Reflexes: Nightmare's reflexes are practically superhuman.
  • Peak Human Endurance: His endurance was comparable to that of the finest Olympic Decathlon participant. His lung capacity is so great that he can hold his breath underwater for 4 minutes and 35 seconds.
  • Peak Human Agility: His main phase of movement is Parkour which he learned in France and uses it to scale the cities rooftops in an acrobatic manner.
  • Weapon Master: Through his martial arts training, he has become an expert on virtually all types of weaponry. He is an exceptional swordsman, his proficiency in Jui Jitsu can proclaim his swordsmanship skill, though he prefers unarmed combat.
  • Master of Stealth: His training has made him a master at stealth capable of breaching high security facilities with ease and without being detected.
  • Expert Marksman:  Nighmare almost never misses his targets, 9/10 times he's successful.
  • Polymath: He has studied Biology, Technology, Mathematics, Physics, Geography, & History. Gained degrees in Criminal Science, Law, Forensics, Chemistry and Engineering by the time he was 21.He has mastered illusion/sleight of hand by the time he was 25.
  • Multi-Lingual: He is able to speak any language through minor telepathy which he inherited from his mother.
  • Master Strategist: He commonly utilizes cunning tactics to outwit his foes.
  • Escapologist: He has been seen escaping from a posey straitjacket in less than 52 seconds, and remarked afterwards that the time was way too slow for him.
  • Expert Tracker: Can track almost anyone or anything.
  • Master of Disguise: Has mastered the art of disguise by the time he was 23. Has further learned Expanded Disguise techniques by the time he was 26.
  • Expert Mechanic and Driver: Nightmare is proficient at combat driving. He has also pioneered improved vehicle designs. In addition, he has been trained and is proficient in basic vehicular operations.
  • Expert Inquisitor: He is adept in the use of interrogation techniques, employing anything from law enforcement methods to outright torture via Hallucinogens.
  • Peak Human Conditioning: Through intense training, specialized diet, and biofeedback treatments, Nightmare represented the pinnacle of human physical prowess and even going beyond during his training with Takeo to break past the human limitation wall. His physical attributes exceeded that of any Olympic level athlete that has ever competed. His strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, and coordination are at the peak of human potential. Nightmare began his physical and mental conditioning when he was 9 and then intense physical training and weight lifting at age 10. He had mastered full body control by the time he was 16. Sean,since the age of 12 he has created a strict diet to enable his body to develop and operate at its most proficient, along with biofeedback treatments (using portable/non portable machines to stimulate muscles to contraction).
    • Expert Acrobat: Proficient in gymnastics and acrobatics, to the peak of human ability.
    • Master Martial Artist: Nightmare is one of the finest combatants Soloris has ever known. He trained all over the world for various martial arts for 10 years. He has mastered many styles of martial arts such as Soljustu, Karate, Jujitsu, and Ninjitsu.
    • Genius Intellect: (Nightmare's IQ is possibly well over 200; it is estimated to be 219) he is a brilliant, virtually peerless, detective, strategist, scientist, tactician, and commande; he often uses cunning and planning to outwit his foes, rather than simply "out-fighting" them.
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