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Sidenote!!! ^Whenever you see that strange text, it's magic, so you can just read it backwards to make sense of it :)


Nightwatcher ran as fast and as hard as he could, the warmth of Ha'Lyssiss' breath on his back. He could hardly believe what it was he was running from, but he believed it enough not to stop and check. He just could not take the chance that it was real – or at least real enough to do him harm. Somewhere across town, Missy Jean's birthday party must have gone horribly wrong. Her mom should really have thought twice before entertaining the kids with magic; it might seem less dangerous than clowns, but a single line of poorly written code can turn a simple trick into disaster of epic proportions.

Chapter 1Edit

"Happy Birthday Jean!"

Jean had been led here by her mother for a camping trip in the Solorian Woods. To her surprise, there was a full-fledged picnic, with her twin friends Dana and Lenny, as well as Sara and Michelle. Jean grinned, then, as her eyes darted around the room, she frowned slightly.

Her mother noticed this and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Nate isn't here?" "He's at the snack table, stuffing his face with your mom's brownies,"

Jean smiled. Then she felt her phone vibrating in her pocket.

"Hello?" Jean said, as she retreated from the group.

"Hey Jeanie!"

"Dad?! Hey!"

"Happy Birthday! Listen, Jeanie! I asked the guys up here in the ship and-"

"And what?"

"You can come visit me! And maybe even stay!"

"Really? Thank you Dad! I would love to stay! I hate it at Mother's Cabin, all the potions and spirits and ghosts in the night!"

" Come on here dear, take your seat, you'll miss the show!" Jean's mother called.


"You'll see dear...I have a present for you!"

Jean didn't like the sound of that.

"Gotta go Dad! Thanks!" And with that, she hung up and took her seat.^

"Sissylah eht nopu llac I"

Jean frowned in realisation as a large teal beast began to form out of the mist. The children screamed and scattered throughout the woods. Michelle and Sara ducked behind a tree to transform to their alter egos. At first Nate could only stare in abject horror, his brownie filled mouth ajar. Eventually he came to his senses and ran away in 'terror'.

Her mother smiled, expecting an applause, then sighed then in an unpredicted rage, she struck Jean down with one blow. Her daughter collapsed to the ground.

"That's enough Toil!" Nox yells as Nightwatcher, Mixie and Terra get in position to his sides. Toil smirked and began another summoning spell.


"Oh shoot! Assume positions guys!" Nightwatcher yelled, "Mixie! You're support!"

"AS always..." Mixie said, rolling her eyes and growing a little Venus Fly Trap in her palm. She slinked to the back as Nightwatcher gave out orders.

"Terra I need you to-"

"On it! Terra said in a cheerless tone. She began to mutter to herself as she lifted large spikes out of the ground, surrounding the demons. Toil grimaced and summoned a Nightmare Beast from The Seventh Dimension. 

"What the-" Nightwatcher swore, then unsheathing his shadow blades, he prepared to strike. The creature growled menacingly and made a beeline for Jean who was still in an unconcious state. The creature showed its fangs as it began to devour her in her weak state. She suddenly began to rise and, the Noxetdiem League, powerless to stope the transformation, cpuld only look up in sorrow as the girl's body is consumed by darkness.

Chapter 2Edit

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