Druid Toil
Vital statistics
Powers Magic
Alias Madam Toil

Lady Toil


Age 24
Species Human
Affiliation Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 5'
Weight 100 pounds
Occupation Witch
Base of Operations Soloris Woods

Toil is a witch and ex-wife of Dr.Peterson . She has two children, Missy Jean and Voodoo .


Madam Toil was a wanderer who stumbled upon a small cottage in Solorian Woods. There she made her home. She worked at a bar part time when she developed her powers and delved into the dark arts. She married Limber and birthed her first daughter, Missy Jean. Later, when he left her and the cabin burnt down, she created her first son, Voodoo, who was created from the fur of the Sphinx , spun into wool. Later still, in 2013, she developed heart disease and Doc Harper refused to operate on a "she-devil".

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