Kasai City
Kasai City
Vital statistics
Type City
Location Soloris
Inhabitants Solorian


Kasai City is a metropolitan community located in Soloris. Many years ago, the Elemental Master Kasai took notice of the immorality and urban sprawl that had been infecting neighboring communities and took measures to protect Kasai City from similar misfortunes.

Kasai City is not without its corporate hierarchy however. Kasai City is the chosen territory of the mad industrialist Bill Carver. Carver's need for money and power is unrelenting. In a bid to obtain even more wealth.

A short while later, the Kasai decided that it was now time for Kasai City to have an official protector. He chose friends, Bengal , Talon and Straight Shot. He trained them hard and they became...Team DT. 

Points of InterestEdit

Baerd Square
This is a recreation area located in Kasai City.
Justin History Museum
One of several natural history museums found in Kasai City.
EGO Radio
This is the news/radio affiliate station where Bengal's father works.





  • Kasai Kangaroos (Football 0.9.0)
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