John Kirk
Vital statistics
Powers Flight
Alias Mothman
Age 42
Species Human
Affiliation Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 5'11"
Weight 105 pounds
Occupation Cryptozoologist
Base of Operations Soloris

John Kirk (alias MothMan) was a leading cryptozoologist in Soloris who created deranged cross-species to keep up appearences as well as his job.


The author of the award-winning book In the Domain of the Soloris Monsters, John Kirk is one of Soloris' leading cryptozoological investigators. John is part of a team of investigators that have searched for cryptids such as DracoMoth , Skreel, Cadsaurus, black alligators, unknown cameloids, lacustrean cryptids and giant salamanders in the province of Digi Martine .

John mysteriously disappeared in 1984, when the cryptid DracoMoth was reported to be nothing but a myth. He emerged later in 2004 with photographic and DNA evidence of the DracoMoth. He drew up a picture and named his sighting 'George'.

Sai later discovers that John created the beast to save his name. Sai unveiled the whole con and John swore he would get his revenge. A month later A Skreel is spotted near Carpy Island. John Kirk returns in a new form. As MothMan!