Awesome Inc. is a comic book type hero creation company with many cool and original characters with three main characters. The creators use their youthful minds to create fun and interesting characters.

Main Characters Edit

Sai Edit

Sai is a guardian angel of Soloris and a favorite character of creator Drew R.

Veloster Edit

Veloster is a serious and intelligent speedster and a favorite character of creator Josh M.

Cyber Edit

Cyber is a genius cyborg and a favorite character of creator Matt R.

Other Heroes Edit

"Freezer Burn " is a character from Innovative Comix with ice powers and blue laser vision .

"Nightmare" is a dark, brooding type vigil from Shadehaven.

"Proteus" is a fun loving angel from Soloris .

"Technaa free-flowing angel and member of HALO.

"Black Arrow" is a serious archer from Crescent Dale.


Armored Arsenal


Armored Laser


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