Vital statistics
Powers Supernatural Strength
Alias N/A
Age 39
Species Human
Affiliation Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 7'2"
Weight 426 pounds
Occupation Warrior
Base of Operations Soloris

Hannibal is a warrior from the Seventh Dimension  who made his way to planet Soloris through a portal that Four left open. He constantly wreaks havoc in the desolate streets of Shadehaven and is the fourth member of the Armada.


Hannibal is a tall, animalistic man with long,shaggy, brown hair that reaches his mid-back. He has elongated canines which portrude from his mouth even when it is closed. He is very muscular and furry.

Upon releasing his true form Hannibal gains lion like features such as his hair becoming a mane, his nails elongating into claws and his pupils dilating intoo slits.His fur spreads across the rest of his body and he becomes slightly larger.



Hannibal was the chieftain of the war-like people of Gaoa when he fell through a portal that appeared in his village. It took him to an uninhabitated jungle island in Soloris. As a Gaoan he had sworn to never use anything other than straight combat and as such he could reopen a portal to the seventh dimension.He lived there for years alone and slowly went mad. When the island was bought by Doc Stratos, who built his mansion there, he was discovered and taken to Doc Stratos himself. There he was hired to find the Jade Emerald which was stolen in Shadehaven by Buck , who was stealing it for Doc Eden. Eventually Hannibal found the emerald and threatened Buck into opening a portal for him. 

Upon his return he was exiled by his people who did not recognise him. He wiped them out though not without grave injury. He was then found by Lucius Maxwell who healed him and made him an Armada.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant : As the former Chieftain of the warlike Gaoans, Hannibal posseses extreme skill in direct combat. Often using his strength and size to overpower his opponents.
  • Superhuman Endurance :  His physical strength and speed is matched by his resilience. Hannibal often ignores most of the injuries he sustains in battle (much like a berserker), not suffering any debilitation despite having multiple wounds in his body.Even after receiving grievous injuries which left him in a comatose state, he recovered only days later, well enough to fight again.
  • Superhuman Durability :  Hannibal has taken powerful blows that would kill any other normal person and is left unfazed. An example of this is when Samuel Largeo was being recruited Hannibal took a full powered punch from him and said "he needed to put more effort into it".
  • Superhuman Strength Hannibal is glaringly stronger than many of the inhabitants of both trhe seventh and the first dimension.
  • Enhanced speed : 
  • Superior Instinct :
  • Enhanced senses
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