The Green Gem in M-Strike's pendant is connected to the plasma mainstream.

Plasma Gem

Matthew's Gem

Appearance and AbilitiesEdit

Initially the gem takes the appearance of a normal pendant encased in silver.

After M-Strikes mainstream powers are unlocked the gem takes three new forms with the original being the base form.

  • Shield : M-Strikes gem takes the form of a glowing green hexagonal shield. It can take lots of damge and be thrown though it weakens from the latter. 
  • Sword : Using his Mainstream power, M-Strike is able to transform the gem pendant on his necklace into a longsword. The blade is a long, 2-inch wide, double-edged form of a longsword. The crossguard consists of the green gem at the center and a tan leather hilt.
    • Energy Blade: By gripping the handle near the base of his longsword's blade and swinging the around, M-Strike can generate large amounts of light green energy which sheathes itself over the blade. When he swings the sword at his desired target, the slash creates a massive explosion upon impact.
  • Gauntlet : The Gem can take the form of a glowing green gauntlet that can cut thhrough steel with enough force.


M-Strike was given the pendant as a gift from his parentswho gave it to him on guidance from Grant Connors a.k.a (Prometheus) after he was told the Matthew could see plasmatic energy. 

While its origins are unknown, Grant speculates that it is a solidied shard of the mainstream that came through a possible rift in time and space from The Mainstream Dimension (10th dimension).

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