Vital statistics
Powers Number Blade Constructs
Alias Alexis Winters
Age 16
Species Solorian
Affiliation The League
Physical attributes
Height 5'2"
Weight 132 pounds
Occupation Student/Criminal
Base of Operations Soloris City

Googolplex is the niece of Googol and the most insane of the Infinite Family.



While Googol was working with the League, teenager Alexis Winters stole all of Lance's gadgets and shoes and became the Googoplex.

After the defeat of Victor Starr, she was offered to join the new League led by Brimstone, and accepted. Alexis moved to Ray City with the original purpose of joining the League. She remained with the new League until the "reformed" League attempted to stop Brimstone. While the two Infinites were fighting, the original Googol then defeated his successor, throwing her into a dumpster and telling her never to become the Googol again.

She later answered an ad from two college students asking for an experienced superhero to train them. Once she arrived to the location in the ad, she had dinner with the students and then killed all of them. Her crime was discovered when Mixie deduce who the murderer was. Alexis was then arrested.

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