Vital statistics
Powers N/A
Alias Daniel Thomas
Age 12
Species Solorian
Affiliation Team DT
Physical attributes
Height 4'7"
Weight 82 pounds
Occupation Student
Base of Operations Kasai City

Daniel Thomas (aka Gadget) is a hero that resides in Kasai City. He works alongside TalonStraight Shot, Eagle and Bengal fighting crime and delivering justice to all. Though he has no superpowers, he uses technology to fight crime.


Grapple HookEdit

One of Gadget's most basic gadgets is his grappling gun, which allows him to repel down buildings with the greatest of ease or sky rocket himself to the top with the simple pull of a trigger.

Com DeviceEdit

An earbug or handheld system used for communication with others.

Explosive GelEdit

A device which contains an explosive gel. The gel is applied to a surface, while a button on the side of the tool detonates it. This can be used on structurally weak walls, or to stun enemies.

Energy DeflectorEdit

Prototype only, is able to deflect energy based weaponry/attacks. He also uses it to attack.

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