Vital statistics
Powers N/A
Alias N/A
Age Unknown
Species Solorian
Affiliation The Biblical Ones
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Occupation Prophet
Base of Operations Israel (previously)

Eden Garden (now)

Elijah is a prophet from the Old Testament, now living in the Eden Garden.


Confrontation with AhabEdit

Elijah was a Tishbite hailing from Tishbe. Elijah had been sent by Yahweh to confront Ahab whom was monarch over Israel at the time. Elijah proclaimed to Ahab that a drought would come over Israel unless Elijah commanded so.

Journey to Kerith RavineEdit

After his confrontations with Ahab, Elijah was commanded by Yahweh to travel to Kerith Ravine in order to avoid the coming drought. There he drank from the brook and was fed by ravens.

The Widow at ZarephathEdit

Eventually Elijah ceased drinking from the brook since it had dried up. Elijah was then directed by Yahweh to travel to Zarephath where a widow would provide him food. So Elijah traveled to Zarephath and at the city gate met the window, who was intended to feed him. Elijah requested the widow to fetch him water and a piece of bread. The widow replied she had no bread, which lead to Elijah instructing her what was to be done with the materials she had. With these instructions the widow did as she was told (leaving the flour she had not to run out and the oil not to dry) and there was food everyday for Elijah the Widow, and her son. This had been made by Yahweh, since Elijah had instructed the widow by Yahweh's words. Eventually the widow's son became ill and died, leaving the widow to believe Elijah was punishing her because or her sins. Elijah took her son to the room in the widow's home where he was staying and prayed to Yahweh to resurrect him. Yahweh heard Elijah's plees and did so. Once life had returned to the widow's son Elijah carried him back to his mother proclaiming he was alive. This lead the widow to truly believe Elijah as man sent by Yahweh.

Three years had passed and Yahweh commissioned Elijah to announce to Ahab the drought would be over. Elijah traveled to the palace and as he was walking encountered Obadiah, Ahab's palace administrator (despite being a devout believer in Yahweh), looking for some grass to feed to cattle. Obadiah being a servant of Elijah came up and kneeled to him. As Obadiah kneeled Elijah assigned him to notify Ahab that Elijah was wishing to speak to him. Obadiah reacted in fear, hesitating, believing that Ahab would kill him. Elijah assured Obadiah he would present himself to Ahab, and Obadiah went and did as he was told.

Elijah on Mount CarmelEdit

So Obadiah sent for Ahab and Ahab went to Elijah. Ahab questioned Elijah to see if it was him, calling him a troubler. Elijah replied to Ahab telling him of his faults to the nation of Israel. Elijah then requested Ahab to gather all the people and the prophets of Israel onto Mount Carmel, therefore he did. So Elijah spoke before the people on the Mountain, questioning their two alternate opinons on the gods of Israel. Elijah continued on, stating that he was the last prophet of Yahweh, while Baal (the other opinion on whether or not Yahweh or Baal was God) had a greater number. Elijah challenged Baal proposing a contest where each would prepare a bull and place it on an altar without setting it fire. Whatever altar was to be set on fire by the according God, then that God would be considered Israel's God.

Elijah then requested that the Baal worshippers prepared their bull first, due to the large amounts of the Baal worshippers. They praised Baal from the morning till the noon, yet there was no response from Baal. Elijah soon began to taunt Baal's followers to praise even more, stating that perhaps Baal was resting or in deep thought. The Baalites continued to worship Baal, yet no response was made to their pleas. Afterwards Elijah prompted the Baalites to come with him as he prepared his sacrifice to Yahweh. He gathered twelve stones, one for each of the tribes of Israel. Using these stones he built an Altar for Yahweh and dug a trench around it. He gathered wood and arranged it accordingly ; then he sliced the bull and put it on top of the wood. Then Elijah ordered the Baalites to dump amounts of water onto the altar three times, even filling the trench around it. After this Elijah prayed to Yahweh to burn his sacrifice. Therefore, Yahweh sent down fire and burned the sacrifice as well as the altar itself and evaporated the water in the trench

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