Vital statistics
Powers N/A
Alias Doctor Animal
Age 39
Species Solorian
Affiliation Villains
Physical attributes
Height 5'7"
Weight 135 pounds
Occupation Professor
Base of Operations Kasai City

Docani is the main antagonist of DT Comics and the arch-nemesis of Bengal and Team DT.


Professor Ray was a lead scientist in Project Fera Hominim, until he stole the research and established his own corporation, Docani Corps. He built an army of Destroyers to capture his new enemy Bengal, and he transformed the hero into a hybrid. Docani and Bengal have fought on several occasions and Bengal lost every time. So Bengal called to aid his friend Sai, whom he called Angel Force to assist him. Sai then began temporarily working alongside Team DT until he proposed to make DT an internation division of HALO. When they met to discuss it, Docani attacked once more, realising his mistake made Bengal more powerful, and reversed the effects, which caused Bengal to experience many mood swings and changes back and forth between feral and normal form.

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