Doctor Stratos
Vital statistics
Powers Flight

Mist/Fog/Cloud Embodiment

Alias Artyru Stratos
Age 38
Species Solorian
Affiliation Villains
Physical attributes
Height Varies
Weight Varies
Occupation Crime Lord
Base of Operations Shadehaven, Soloris

Doctor Stratos is an assassin who leads many of the crimes in Shadehaven. He will appear in the free upcoming mini e-book, Solorian Tales, No. 1 .His son is Smog.


He was one of Guardian's first enemies and is still in conflict with him to this day. He retired to a monastery for ten years before returning to Soloris, enlightened and informed. He had a son who later joined his group of assassins and from then on, he was a respected murderer who was never caught.


Air MimicryEdit

He is made up of air, mist, smoke and other gaseous or near-gaseous substance. He can expand and condense and form into many different forms.

Poison Gas MimicryEdit

He can also make himself a poisonous gas, like cyanide.

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