Vital statistics
Powers Laser Vision

Telescopic Vision Enhanced Strength Intelligence Cyberkinesis Camoflauge

Alias Alex Davidson
Age 13 years old
Species Cyborg
Affiliation Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 5'4"
Weight 213 pounds
Occupation Scientist and Student
Base of Operations Ray City

Cyber is a genius cyborg and is the main protagonist of Shadow Comics. He is also the star member of Awesome Inc , along with Sai  and Veloster . He uses his abilities to fight evil and protect the streets of Ray City.


Laser Vision

Cyber can fire off lasers from his eyes which can cause destructive damage on his intended targets.

Telescopic VisionEdit

Cyber is capable of zooming his vision in on things, allowing him to see distant objects in magnified scale. He is, to a certain extent, able to see vast distances, outside the atmosphere, solar-system or even galactic distances.

Enhanced StrengthEdit

Cyber has the incredible ability to defy weight limitations of the human race, but not completely break them. Dense, lengthy, or overweight items are easy to move and simple to use in nearly any manner. He can crush, lift, throw, or catch items of great weight.

Enhanced IntelEdit

Cyber has intelligence that is significantly above standard genius level intellect. He is gifted with higher mental faculties such as a more powerful memory, better calculation skills, greater reasoning skills, and a more superior learning capacity. At this stage, he can often come up with unique and original ideas that elevates the thinking of humanity to new levels. 


Cyber can make his coloration blend with the coloration of his background to avoid optical perception via certain microtechnologies in his cape.


He is capable through his robotic left ear to hear different radio frequencies as long as there is at least one frequency already in his range.


He has a cyberkinetic blade that can cut through almost anything.


His main ability comes from the gadgets that he carries with him all the time create by him and his adopted little brother Pixel. These consist of his utility belt holding usb drives containing viruses as well as empty space for information he may gather on a mission, his gloves feature a built in computer system with a holographic interface. Although capable of scanning and wireless connectivity where appropriate, USB  and TRS connector cables and a USB port are included.


Alexander Duke Davidson was born to fighter pilot and scientist, Sol and Sandy Davidson. At the age of two he and his family took a vacation in their private jet to Ray City, where because of terrorists were unfortunately killed in a plane crash. Later he was found by Spencer Smithon, a former scientist who was banned from Ray Cities' Scientific Council because of his fantastic beliefs in a digital-universe he believed he had found during experiments. 


Bionic Eye

Virtual Reality Training

Voice Activated Controls

Portal Opening

Bioengineered Body Parts


Brawl 4
Power 4
Intel 5
Stamina 4
Speed 2
Strength 4
Total 23


Spencer SmithonEdit

Spencer is something of an uncle to cyber since his parents died. He also employs Cyber in his shop Mocha-Java.


Pixel is Cyber's adopted brother and friend. He builds all of Cyber's Vehicles and some of his tech.


Sai and Cyber met in a mission in Ray City. They are great friends and allies.


These two powerful characters met while Veloster was searching for his parents in Ray City.

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