Crescent Dale
Vital statistics
Type City
Location Soloris
Inhabitants Solorian

Crescent Dale is the hometown of Black Bow.


Crescent Dale was a former empire, which was officially incorporated as a "City" in 1921. The town had a generally poor socio-economic populace, owing in part to failed efforts to transform itself into a technological haven.

The city lived through a corrupt balance of underhand dealings and unlawful policies, which was helped kept in check by the local police force and their mobile aids.

During the Seven's attack on Soloris, Crescent Dale was the site of a massive attack. As an act of vengeance against Black Arrow, the Seven dropped a vat of deadly sin chemicals (colloquially known as "DEADLY") onto the city, causing widespread destruction and mayhem. Many of Soloris' heroes came to Crescent Dale defense in a bitter struggle to save as many lives as possible.

Crescent Dale later became the target of interest for the artificial intelligence known as Brotherhood Never. Brotherhood Never was alerted about residual activities in Crescent Dale and reactivated its offensive protocols. Creating a new army of Cyborgs, it took control of the city, much to the disdain of Black Arrow.

Points of InterestEdit

Public locationsEdit

  • Bart Dale Crescent 
  • Bart Park
  • Dale Beach
  •  The Church
  • Dale Natural History Museum
  • Dale Airport


  • Starr Enterprises
  • Wilson Industries


  • CDNN
  • CDT
  • 98.1 CDN

Sports TeamsEdit

  • Crescent Howlers (Soccer 0.9.0)


  • Black Arrow
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