Vital statistics
Powers Lava generation

Lava embodiment Stone Embodiment

Alias None
Age Unknown
Species Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 100'6"
Weight 4000 pounds
Occupation None
Base of Operations Soloris City, Soloris

Brimstone is the adopted son of Armageddon, and the Embodiment of Lava and Stone. He has many abilities but turned to evil.


Lava GenerationEdit

Brimstone can generate and project lava, from his body and from the earth.

Lava EmbodimentEdit

Brimstone is made up of magma/molten stone.

Stone MimicryEdit

Brimstone is made up of stone. There are several kinds of stone, of varying hardness and durability. He can tap into the varying abilities of them, for example the sharpness of obsidian.

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