Bridget Summers is a member of team M-Strike and a student at Utopia Town High School where she is in the same class as Matthew Thatcher.

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Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Construct Creation : Bridget has the ability to create constructs out of raw energy she generates.
    • Appendages
      • Wing Manifestation
    • Armors
    • Barriers
      • Shield Construction
      • Wall Generation
    • Fortifications
    • Golems : During the battle against The Armada Invading Army, Bridget create two large golems to protect herself and the medical tent.
    • Platforms
    • Restrains
    • Weapons
      • Blade Construction
      • Bow Construction : When Black Bow's Bow had been broken Bridget generated a bow for him to use in its stead.
      • Natural Weaponry
      • Whip Generation
      • Healing Constructs: Bridget can create a barrier to heal any person of most injuries. There is a limit too how many people she can heal at once and how many times she can do it without rest.
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