Black Arrow's Bow
Vital statistics
Type Weapon
Effects None
Source Black Arrow
Cost to buy Not an item to be sold.
Cost to sell Not an item to be sold.

Black Arrow's Bow is his main weapon and he has trained extensively to master wielding it.


Electric ArrowEdit

An arrow that electrocutes its target and can be set from Zap to Stun to even Kill.

Quick-dry Foam ArrowEdit

An arrow that, once it has hit its target, immediately covers target with foam that hardens to form a cement layering.

Flaming ArrowEdit

A special edition arrow cover in flames, once target is hit, it drowns in the flames.

Bomb ArrowEdit

An exploding arrow, that explodes on impact with target.

Ensnaring ArrowEdit

An arrow that, once it hits its target, ensnares it in a net.

Grappling hook arrowEdit

An arrow that grapples upward and attaches itself to a wall or ceiling, then zips the marksman up.

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