Vital statistics
Powers Peak Strength

White Laser Energy Peak Agility

Alias Tony Charles
Age 12
Species Mutant
Affiliation Team DT
Physical attributes
Height 4'8"
Weight 75 pound
Occupation Student
Base of Operations Kasai City
 'Tony Charles' (aka Bengal) is a hero that resides in Kasai City. He works alongside Talon and Straight Shot, fighting crime and delivering justice to all. He used to be a ninja, but a mad scientist by the name of Docani mutated him and he transformed into a tiger/boy hybrid complete with a tail.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Peak AgilityEdit

Bengal's agility is of a superior standard, even among gold-medal-winning athletes and other highly trained professionals in the field of athletics. Even Bengal's celerity is much better than the likes of an ordinary human. Enabling him to move with perfect agility, reflexes, speed, and accuracy. Bengal is able to move in any type of physical way flawlessly. He could be the finest dancer in the world, the best martial artist, the greatest athlete, etc.

Peak StrengthEdit

Bengal is capable of lifting his own body weight, which entails to doing the following actions: punching an enemy through a wooden wall, breaking/bending/destroying Destroyers, bench-pressing at a 75 pound level, and leg-pressing around 50 pounds. Also, striking down doors with a single punch or kick, knocking out people with one offensive impact etc. 

White Laser EnergyEdit

When he powers up, he is able to defeat enemies with ease, by blowing them up.

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