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HALO is a group of angels based in Soloris City. Sai, Proteus, Techna and are the original members, but Archangel, Kia and Nightwatcher joined later on. The team is dedicated to the protection of Soloris. They have battled countless foes including Are-Ris, Limber, The Crimson Guild and more.

While Googol was working with the League, teenager Alexis Winters stole all of Lance's gadgets and shoes and became the Googolplex. After the defeat of Victor Starr, she was offered to join the new League led by Brimstone, and accepted. Alexis moved to Ray City with the original purpose of joining the League. She remained with the new League until the "reformed" League attempted to stop Brimstone. While the two Infinites were fighting...Read More!


Gabe Johnson, is a hero who resides in Soloris City. He is known to be one of the smartest kids on the planet and directs HALO in their later missions. He wanted to be a ...Read More!

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