Vital statistics
Powers Ice Manipulation
Alias Admiral Artico

Neptu Cluss

Age 18
Species Iciclus
Affiliation The Cold Captains
Physical attributes
Height 5'
Weight 96 pounds
Occupation Thief
Base of Operations Ray City, Iciclus

Artico is an Iciclus born villain who now terrorizes the streets of Ray City.


Born on the planet Neptune/Iciclus, the child of Brrron and Cccandi, Neptu Cluss was a notorius thief and adventure seeker. He joined the Cold Captains at a young age and trained long and hard to perfect his special abilities. He became known as Admiral Artico and then just Artico. An easy going thief, he snuck aboard a ship with the intention of looting it when it took off with him onboard. He was brought to Soloris where he saw plenty of things to loot. He is usually imprisoned in The Missy Jean Sanatorium when apprehended by Cyber.

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