Armored Arsenal
Vital statistics
Powers From suit:

blue lasers, flight, energy blades, rockets.

Without suit: knowledge of many martial arts, extremely high IQ, detective.

Alias Ace Marvis
Age 23
Species Human
Affiliation Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 5'8"
Weight 156 pounds

200 pounds(with armor)

Occupation Entrepreneur


Base of Operations Ray City

Armored Arsenal is a genius trillionaire inventor who has discovered many elements and has invented the very suit he uses to fight crime in Ray City.

Back storyEdit

Ace Marvis used to be a police officer, detective before he gained a large lot of land from his late uncle who left it to him in his will. The land had a strange hill but Ace living on a police officer's salary took it with open arms. He built a small house on the top of the hill. When he began to install plumbing he realized that they could not dig up the hill. When he took a closer look he realized the hill was really a pile of metal that replaced itself when it was destroyed. He then experimented with this metal and sold it to the military and with that became a trillionaire. He named this metal Zitanium'. He created a mechanical suit from the metal and powered it with his previous invention the Infinity charge.'


Aces suit has many different and powerful weapons. He has close long range weapons like his blue laser energy laser, rockets and laser blasters around his hand and hand to hand combat weapons like blue and red laser energy compound blades from his hands and two zitanium claws. Ace also knows four types of martial arts including kung-fu, karate and judo.

Weakness Edit

Zitanium is highly magnetic.

He is weakest in space.

Relationships Edit

Ace has his own team of super heroes including his girlfriend Ultress, his nephew Arachno and his brother Armoured Laser.

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