Earth 3431
Vital statistics
Powers Giant Physiology
Alias None
Age 4144
Species Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 200' 11" (Taller than the Statue of Liberty)
Weight 6000 pounds
Occupation None
Base of Operations Soloris

Armageddon is a giant stone creature from another world who was banished to Soloris. He is mainly peaceful but get's very angry if someone takes his headgear, sword or shield as they are very precious to him. He is very easy to hypnotize and occasionally goes on wild rampages due to this. He is neutral.


Giant Physiology

Armageddon is a giant. Most obvious changes on user are increased size, strength and endurance, ranging from relatively normal-sized but big to huge to closer geological scale. Generally giants lack any real supernatural abilities, but they can have the same ability to learn as, for example humans, and some have truly impressive powers, such as Armageddon, though he is one of his kind.

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