Vital statistics
Developers Something Studios
Date released February 32 3132
Genre Action


Platforms Next Gen


Publication order
Previous Next
Awesome Battler (platform fighter) TBA

Angelic is an upcoming open world, action-adventure video game developed by Something Studios and released by Two Brothers Interactive Entertainment for all consoles and PC. Angelic takes place in Soloris City , and it is said to be as large as New York City. Based on the Awesome Inc superhero Sai scheduled to be released worldwide on February 32, 3132. The game's main storyline is set two months after the events of Angelic, and follows Sai, at his peak, as he confronts Smog , who has returned to Soloris City to unite The Crimson Guild and The Clones in a plot to finally defeat the angel.

The player will be able to fly higher and faster than before and the game has parkour. You can also customize Sai's suit, and play as his alter-ego, Drew Hunter.

Players can also play as the rest of HALO (including the Amateurs, Nightwatcher and Inferna) for the first time in the series. They all include there own gameplay style, which includes different fighting styles, power sets, and dialogue.

The developers have also said that since the game is made for next-gen consoles especially, they are able to do what they wanted. The game will have no load screens when going in or out of buildings (which there will be a lot of) and much more. The game also has other graphic-related improvements, such as rain drops or bruises where the thug has been hit, as well as Sai's wings blowing around when the wind blows.For the first time the player will be able to shoot without having to aim beforehand (although it is still an option), which is to instill a sense a fluidity and quickness in gameplay.

Choices play a role in the main story. 

Players may choose to act in either a good or evil way (though this way gives you a dramatic decrease in points and less powerful powers). Player choices influence outcomes in some later missions. When not completing story missions, players can explore the city and complete activities such as stopping crimes, flying to new areas, racing/helping heroes or interoggating criminals using different styles. The city is split into districts which all have different missions and costume unlocks. Sai can use his pyrokinesis better than ever before, in the air and on kand to make constructs and fireballs. Changes to the combat system include the ability to combine attacks on prone enemies without interrupting the streak. Sai can also counter enemy attacks, while Proteus (who is stronger) would throw them into other enemies for increased damage. Typical enemies are now capable of performing a charge and tackle attack only used by larger enemies in previous games; precision timed dodging and a fireball can instantly defeat some charging enemies. Hazardous items within the area, such as power generators, can be integrated into combat for environmental attacks. Proteus is capable of disarming enemies wielding items like baseball bats, and using the acquired weapon on several foes before it breaks. Some enemies are armed with guns which usually kills Sai right away if a headshot, but since you can upgrade your suit, a simple bulletproof suit should do the trick.

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