Angelic is a television series developed by writer/producer A.I. Rodrigues. It is based on the Awesome Inc Comics character Sai, a costumed crime-fighter. The series follows child hero Drew Hunter who fights crime and corruption as a secret vigilante. Unlike in the comic books, Drew does not initially go by the alias "Sai".

Series overviewEdit

The series follows Drew Hunter child hero of Soloris City, who spends five years training with his father, James Hunter. He becomes at odds with a gang of criminals known as the Star Gang, led by Victor Starr that plans to take over the city that has become overridden with crime.

In season two, Sai is driven to stop crime in a part of the city known as The Slum, and comes under attack of Doctor Stratos, a man with a vendetta against Sai. Sai also accepts aspiring vigilante and friend Nick Cabin as his partner, and begins to receive assistance from Terri Wilson, who was resurrected after being murdered by Doctor Eden, the second wife of Doctor Stratos.

In season three, Sai becomes a public hero in Soloris City following Stratos' defeat and now must help his friend and his friend's father protect Wilson Industries from Victor Starr and his new companion, Are-Ris.

List of Episodes

Season 1Edit

Episode 1-Transformed
Drew Hunter is introduced, and narrates, saying how he came to be and how he was trained and eventually took on an alias as The Guardian. Perimenus is introduced as a janitor at Woodsworth Middleschool.
Episode 2-Changed

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